Crystal Okoye: I believe In Sex Before Marriage

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Crystal Okoye may be among the newest sensations in the Nigeria entertainment industry, yet she has done about 18 movies within a year, if there is something that has stood her out apart from her creativity, it is her natural endowement, her hips, she believes she got the finest shape in Nollywood.

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She talks about her shape… ‘My selling point are my hips. I think Mercy Johnson’s hips are just learning where mine are. I know that I am well-shaped. If you ask me, I have got the best shape in Nollywood. And it is just not my hips alone, my eyes, my legs and my height as a woman all compliment my nice figure.’

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Crystal Okoye has been obsessed with acting as a kid and this passion has pushed her to join the industry years later,’ My journey into Nollywood was as a result of childhood fantasy that turned into a burning desire. Ever since I was a child I have always been obsessed with acting. My first love was developed through watching the Cartoon Network.

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Just seeing the various characters going through their acts awaken the love in me. Then, I would mimic whatever they do and by so doing, I became obsessed with acting. Seeing my passion, my family then encouraged me to build the passion into reality.’

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And what she thinks of sex, ‘Sex is a free gift from God, meant for us, man and woman to enjoy ourselves. I don’t believe in that ‘after marriage’ crap. I believe in sex before marriage because it is very important you know partner very well, sexually and otherwise, before you two are sworn together for life.’

Doing 18 movies in the first year as an actress in Nollywood is a bit fantastic…