Genevieve Nnaji: Definitely, I’m Gonna Go Back To School

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Genevieve Nnaji is not eager to get married but she really wants the right man and a good family, in a stumbled upon interview, Genevieve spoke about going back to school, that is when she has amassed more wealth than she can handle, and have said, she has never dated Fred Amata.

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She said ,’Life is not the same for everybody. Some people are so lucky, they come out of secondary school and they go straight to university because they have the back-up of people and it’s so easy. It looks simple…mine was different. But I’m determined. Definitely, I’m gonna go back to school. I wanted to make money, I love my money, I cherish my own money. So, I will go back when I’ve made enough. But even while I’m there, I won’t stop working.

Genevieve Nnaji: Definitely, I'm Gonna Go Back To School

She wants God to bless her, ‘Especially with the right man and a good family.’ And if she is desperate for marriage, ‘No, no, no. The thing is just that there comes a time in your life where everything is going fine. And all you say to yourself is after this, what next? After everything, you have to get married as far as you are a woman.’

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For rumours about Fred Amata, ‘Fred Amata? I’ve never had anything to do with Fred Amata. In Ripples, I used to call Fred Amata uncle. So, I don’t see the reason why I should date Fred Amata. Fred Amata and I are just friends. I don’t have anything to do with him.’

Wishes are meant to come true, wishing is believing, Genevieve.