2Baba To Lead Protest Against Nigerian Government

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Nigerian singer, 2Baba has posted a call for a massive nationwide massive protest against the Nigerian Government on February 5, 2017.

The award winning singer said this protest is a call for good governance, and an urgent explanation into the reckless economic downturn nationwide.

In the message posted, he says that the people are tired and can continue without the government because all their excuses are not funny.

He slammed the government as not working but afflicting the people and people are ready to protest the obnoxious and baseless policies of the government.

He also asked where the recovered looted funds are and while members of the executive and legislature are enjoying salaries and allowances while salaries are not being paid to civil servants.

He pointed out issues of power failure, constant peace talks with various groups like Niger Delta militants, fulani heardsmen and ipob without any solutions being reached.

The legendary singer is asking the government to become accountable and as such Nigerians are rising against what is happening in the country. We wait to see how many Nigerians will come out in support of this nationwide protest.