9ice Reunites With Former Manager

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It appears that Nigerian singer cum politician, 9ice is on a reconciliation streak. The award winning singer and his former manager, Dehinde who managed him for years especially during the beginning of his career have just reconciled.

The duo had a very public disagreement over the pages of newspapers with his then wife, Tony Payne also coming out to say Dehinde can’t manage 9ice and even alleged he was interfering in their marriage instead of him facing his management job alone.

The two are now putting the past behind them as they are now friends once again. Although they no longer working together, a source claims that Dehinde has even managed to get 9ice a couple of deals shortly after they made up. The duo are also reported to talk often on the phone.

Asides Dehinde, another person whom 9ice recently made peace with is his ex-wife, Tony Payne. Just over the weekend, she dropped a comment on his Instagram page telling him he still looks handsome.

It would be recalled that 9ice recently revealed that his voice not being as melodious as before has to do with age and stress. He said while performing back in the days, he had to do a lot of shouting because of bad sound equipment and it has all taken its toll on his voice.