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Alberto Moreno Shows Off Bizarre New Tattoos

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Alberto Moreno has taken to Instagram on Friday to show off some unique tattoos.

The Liverpool defender who has enjoyed a break from his Liverpool duties decided to add some new tatts to his already extensive collection.

He shared a photo of himself getting inked and he thanked his tattoo artist whom he says it is always a pleasure to be in his hands.

Alberto Moreno

Some of the Spaniard’s new tattoos include a pitbull landing a punch with boxing gloves on, a tiger wearing a bandana and a panda with a smoke pipe in its mouth and a top hat on its head.

The 24 year old has quite a number of tattoos already and in April last year, he uploaded a photo on Instagram of a giant chimpanzee head.

The tattoo does not depict your usual monkey, but rather a well groomed ape holding a gun, wearing a suit and tie and also donning headphones and mirrored sunglasses reflecting palm trees.