Ali Baba Responds To Fan’s Text Calling Him Stingy And Mean

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Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba came under blast from a fan who sent a text message accusing the entertainer of being mean and heartless. The fan accused Ali Baba of not using his wealth to help others and Ali Baba decided to address the issue on social media.

According to him, generosity is not a must but advised. He went on to say that although when a person achieves some comfort for himself, it is expected of him to extend love to others but that the most difficult part of generosity is not how much one gives but who one gives and do not give.

He said while he has benefitted from certain generosity, some group of people believe they are entitled to receive from him just because they ask and as such when he turns them down, they label him stingy and harmless. He said such people would even go spiritual on you and make one realise how it is God that helped one get to where he is.

He said he has since forwarded the text to someone he looks up to who made him realise his generosity is to God and not to man. He has been advised to give because of God and not man.

Ali Baba also pointed out that most rich men have expenditures of their own and people don’t know their income before making demands on them and as such there has to be a sharing formula before they give. What is your own sharing formula if you are blessed?