Ali Baba Writes On N49 Million Found At Kaduna Airport

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Nigerian comedian and social commentator, Ali Baba has reacted to the news of the N49 million found at the Kaduna airport. According to him, he smiled when he saw the news not because it is funny but because he knows bit by bit, Nigeria will get it right.

He reminded Nigerians that when there was no, BVN, monies will leave government accounts and enter a non government account and disappear. No traces.

He said that has stopped with people abandoning their accounts because they can’t link those accounts to BVN. He also said corrupt officials now resort to hiding the monies in soak aways, graves and tombs, abandoned buildings, etc.

Ali Baba Writes On N49 Million Found At Kaduna Airport

Ali Baba went further to say if the found money had Trust me been converted to dollars, one hand bag or hand luggage is all it would have required to export it out of Nigeria.

The veteran comedian went on to allege that cash is being moved across the country by helicopters but instead of how to make laws to check all these, it’s uniform of the CG of customs that is the problem.

Ali Baba asked what laws have been made to stem the onslaught of piracy and kidnapping or to check corruption. Just recently there were rumours that Ali Baba’s wife, Mary who is a staff of Heritage Bank was suspended over fraud but the bank has since denied this.