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Amir Khan Wife Gets Deleted From Family Photo By Family She Accused Od Bullying Her

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Sometime last week, we reported how model Faryal Makhdoom took to snapchat to allege that her boxer husband, Amir Khan family were bullying her and that there was even a time she was assaulted when her husband was not around.

In response to her allegations, she has been deleted from a family photo for her ‘unislamic’ dressing.

Also speaking out on her allegations, the family says the bone of contention has been over her dressing as they do not approve of her posting pictures of herself in tight fitting clothes on social media.

Amir Khan’s Wife Gets Deleted From Family Photo

They claim to have treated her nothing short of the same way they treat the daughters in their own family but she has refused to change her ways as regards her dressing.

They further claimed she was only seeking cheap publicity by coming on social media to post allegations about the family.

Faryal got married to Amir three years ago and has been accusing her in-laws of emotional, physical and verbal abuse.