Awkwardness Alert! Drake And Rihanna Run Into Each Other At Birthday Party

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We all know how hot and steamy Drake and Rihanna were some few months back even though they never actually confirmed a relationship.

We do know things got awkward when Drake started dating Jennifer Lopez causing Riri to unfollow the older songstress on Instagram.

It appears Drake and Rihanna had an uncomfortable run in into each other over the weekend while attending a friend’s kid’s birthday party.

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Drake arrived at the party first and we got picture of his face when Rihanna made her entrance and it didn’t look like he was expecting her to be there. Talk about awkward.

Since their alleged breakup, Drake has been linked to a number of beauties like Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and more recently, 19 year old Jorja Smith.

Rihanna on the other hand has been going solo since the months following her split from her Work collaborator.

It would be recalled Drake publicly gushed over Rihanna while presenting her with the Vanguard Award at the VMAs in August, and they were inseparable in the subsequent weeks.