Banky W Goes Arab Style In New Photo

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Nigerian singer, Banky W is known to be one of the most stylish men around and he decided to go Arabian regalia in a new photo he just shared with his fans.

The E.M.E boss went on to caption that people can’t tell him he does not look like he deserves an oil well. His hashtags read along of being the minister of enjoyment, world traveler, God should bless him and Sheikh Welli.

He is currently in Dubai hence the outfit. Banky recently released a lost of qualities his woman must have. First on the list for Banky W is ambition.

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Asides having a love for career, the lucky woman must have a love for family and a love for God. He also doesn’t want a woman who feels only comfortable among high class people.

Her friendliness must cut across people from different walks of life because he mixes with different people. He listed bedroom skills as important while education and cooking sills are optional.