This Beverly Osu International Women’s Day Photo Is Getting Mixed Reactions

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Beverly Osu is an actress, model and reality TV star who has proved to us time and again that she doesn’t conform.

The dark skinned beauty has many times been the subject of controversy because of her ways and today which happens to be International Women’s Day, she has sparked controversy after sharing a photo.

Beverly Osu's International Women’s Day Photo

The photo sees the actress in a red bikini carrying a child as her way of celebrating women. Many feel the picture is inappropriate because she is scantily dressed and carrying a toddler.

Some others see nothing wrong with the photo though and believe it’s simply her way of expressing herself. The controversial Beverly is seen striking a fierce pose as she gets ready for the cameras in the photo.

Beverly Osu's International Women’s Day Photo

Just recently, Beverly was in the centre of a lesbian controversy when she and her Namibian BFF, Maria Nepembe were seen in some intimate poses in some videos and photos which found its way on.

This made many concluded that Beverly and Maria have a romantic relationship going on.