Beyoncé Is Social Media’s Highest Earning Celeb!

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There is a reason why we call her Queen Bey! Beyoncé has proven many times that she is indeed a queen and a social media research firm called D’Marie Analytics has calculated that the superstar’s posts are worth a staggering $1 million each.

Beyoncé might not be the most followed person on social media as that honour goes to Selena Gomez but Bey makes the most money.

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The estimated earnings are calculated based on number of followers, post reach, engagement, and click rate. Selena trails behind in second place with her posts valued at $775,000. That’s not so bad for a second position right?

In case you forgot, Beyonce holds the record for the most-liked post on Instagram, with her twin babies announcement currently at 10.6 million likes and counting. All hail the queen who by the way is celebrating her 9th wedding anniversary to husband, Jay Z.