Bimbo Akintola Reveals She Can Be A Baby Mama

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Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola in an interview with Punch has revealed that she sees nothing wrong with being a baby mama.

The 46 year old screen star revealed that these questions arise because of the country we live in and the kind of people we are.

According to her, it is something we need to look at critically, because it seems we are creating more trouble for people, as marriages are now crashing within six months or even less.

She believes society puts so much pressure on people that we forget it is not how soon but how well. Bimbo Akintola also asked parents to stop putting pressure on their children because many are divorced as they didn’t get marry in their own time.

Considering all these, the 93 Days star definitely is up for being a baby mama because for her so long as the woman can take care of herself and the child.

She also urged that people need to change their thinking and stop being rooted in the past when the present and future are a totally different place.