Birdman Sued Over Shady Drake Contract

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Birdman has gotten himself into another legal mess as Jas Prince has sued him to get millions in Drake profits that the Cash Money boss is allegedly sitting on.

From the legal documents, Jas is suing because Birdman and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founders of Cash Money — for failing to pay up on the Drake deal.

Jas discovered Drake and connected him with Aspire Music Group to manage him, and Cash Money to be his label. This means Drake’s Young Money contract calls for Jas and Aspire to get paid.

The problem however is that Birdman hasn’t been paying. Birdman also signed Drake to an exclusive deal in January 2013 but according to the legal docs, the new contract breached Drake’s original one, and cheated Aspire out of $4 million.

We gather that Jas is determined to get his money from Birdman even though it was Aspire who filed the new lawsuit. This comes just about a week after Jas’ father, James Prince vowed he would get the money Birdman owes his son and Lil Wayne.

So far neither Birdman nor his team is yet to respond to the suit.