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Boxer Ami Khan Wife Faryal Makhdoom Accuses His Family Of Bullying Her

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Being married to a celebrity boxer might be many girls dream but for 25 year old Faryal Makhdoom who has been married to boxer, Amir Khan for three years now, her marriage is slowly turning to hell because of alleged bullying from her in-laws.

The mother of one took to Snapchat to post some series of accusations at her sister in-law, Mariyah and mother-in-law, Falak Khan of bullying her and calling their actions disgusting.

Faryal also claimed that Mariyah once tried to hit her while the husband wasn’t around while Falak tried to get Amir to divorce her while she was nine months pregnant.

Faryal went on to say their son will be much happier if they supported his marriage and stop bullying her but Mariyah responded that Faryal didn’t need to justify herself on social media because Allah is watching.

Earlier this week, Amir bought his parents a house and is currently headed to America with his wife for the Amir Khan Foundation’s USA Tour 2016.