Caroline Danjuma Defends AY Over Kemen And TBoss Joke But Fans Aren’t Having It

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Caroline Danjuma has wade into the controversial joke by comedian AY over the sexual assault incident that happened between Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates, Kemen and TBoss.

Taking to social media to express herself, she said that we live in a world were people feel they have to fight to be heard.

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She said that in her writeup defending AY, she pointed out that Kemen’s actions were very inappropriate before she proceeded to ask questions concerning TBoss.

She also said that her opinion was based on the few seconds clips she saw and also asking lawyers and councillors in the house to help her understand better. She defended that all she asked for was forgiveness for Kemen.

The billionaire wife said that she is saddened that some people just want to fight as it appears there is nothing like an apology or forgiveness in this world anymore.

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She also defended that everyone is entitled to their opinion but we shouldn’t all act as if we are blameless.

She also pointed out that she is a feminist but firstly promotes love and forgiveness and will ask as many questions as she wants for clarification.

It would be recalled TBoss herself has asked that the matter be allowed to rest, we just wish people would respect her wishes.