Case Against Justin Bieber And Usher Thrown Out

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As a celebrity, one of the things you have to face is unnecessary lawsuits and the duo of Usher Raymonds and Justin Bieber had themselves dragged to court after they were accused of ripping the song, “Somebody to Love”.

Devin Copeland aka De Rico and Mareio Overton sued back in 2008 saying that Usher and Justin stole their song of the same name but a judge just dismissed the lawsuit.

Although an appeal court said that the songs seemed a bit similar, the case was sent back to the trial judge who said that the similarities were so small that it was not enough to warrant a lawsuit

While Justin Bieber and Usher may be off the hook, we would still like you to listen to their version of the song as well as that of De Rico and Mareio Overton and judge for yourself if it is a rip off.