Charlie Sheen Apologizes To Rihanna For Calling Her A Bitch

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Hollywood actor, Charlie Sheen has taken to Twitter to apologize to Barbadian beauty, Rihanna for calling her a bitch when he was making an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live!

In case you don’t know all about their feud, it all started three years ago when Sheen took to Twitter to rant against the Work hit maker for refusing to meet with him and his then fiancée, Brett Rossi.

Not one to take insults lying low, Rihanna had responded in kind by calling the 51-year-old an old queen. During his appearance on Watch What Happens Live, he was asked if the feud with Rihanna had been settled and he went on to call her a bitch.


Realising now that he is in the wrong, he has taken to Twitter to apologize to her and even invite her to have a drink with him someday saying the drinks would be on him.

Rihanna’s fans are not however buying the apology since Sheen decided to use a photo of Rihanna’s formerly pink hair which he had insulted during their initial fight. We wonder if Rihanna would take him up on his offer and bury the hatchet since he is waving the peace flag.

Rihanna recently shut down claims she was dissing Beyonce when a fan slammed Grammy awards for not nominating Work as Song of the Year and Rihanna liked the post.

She however later posted that people need to stop pitting black women against each other and she had only liked the post because of the photo used.