Charly Boy Attacks Fake Nigerian Christians In New Post

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Controversial media personality, Charly Boy has just released a new post criticizing fake Nigerian Christians.

The eccentric veteran entertainer who has always made his opinion about organized religion known wrote that he is not a religious kinda person though he almost ended up a priest because of too much religion at the time.

He wrote that religion has nothing to do with survival and while he sort of believes in God, he doesn’t believe in religion.

The controversial Charly also stated that he doesn’t need religion to know God because it is mankind’s way of mumurizing mumu’s. The fakeness in churches is not left out as he says that it’s like most of the things in Nigeria today are just fake.

In his opinion, most Nigerian Christians are a bunch of sorry ass fakers. He says while Nigerians pray as though they are the most prayerful set of people on the face of the earth, their hearts belong to Babylon.

He also criticized Nigerians attitude of looking to God for things they can do themselves and the youth for being gullible in miracles and breakthroughs, a person can get something out of nothing.

Charly rounded up by stating that Christianity has become magic and fake youths are eating it up. He stated categorically that you don’t need any pastor’s blessing to make it in life.

He condemned shouting “I receive it!” and “Amens” with hopes of being prosperous because no anointing oil, speaking in tongues, dry fasting, casting and binding can produce miracles where one haven’t worked for it.

Just recently, Charly Boy shared an adorable photo of himself and his 97 year old grandmother.