Chloe Bennet Slams Gigi Hadid For Mocking Asians

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Gigi Hadid is coming under attack for what she might have thought was a seemingly harmless joke. Gigi’s sister, Bella had posted a video of Gigi on Instagram in which Gigi is seen dressed as a cookie and imitating Asians.

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ star Chloe Bennet is however not finding the joke funny as she wrote an open letter to the supermodel. In her letter, Chloe explained that people shouldn’t be made fun of for how they look as she herself has experienced this firsthand.

She went on to say that while she laughed off the jokes, it hurt her internally and she has come to realise that people should be treated on their character and not their looks.

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The actress went on to call out Gigi who she says has influence over millions of people and for being ignorant and inconsiderate for the tasteless joke.

24 year old Chloe Bennet concluded the post which was accompanied with a throwback photo by also blasting Steve Harvey who faced backlash over making an Asian joke as well.

While Gigi herself has not responded to the criticism, her boyfriend, Zayn Malik has taken to Twitter to defend her. It would be recalled Gigi and Bella were recently spotted on the streets of New York city to protest against President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim ban.