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Conor McGregor Faces Lawsuit For Standing Atop Rolls-Royce

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Yesterday, we reported how Irish MMA star, Conor McGregor stood atop a Rolls-Royce but that action has now landed him in trouble from new findings.

It appears it is a rented car and for posing on top of the £240,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, Midlands-based Platinum Executive Travel have blasted him on social media.

“Lord” Aleem Iqbal – whose dad Saleem runs the executive rental firm revealed that Conor would lose his deposit for standing on the car because it is not his and he should stop acting like he owns it.

Aleem slammed him further by saying that until Conor can afford such a car like his rival, Floyd Mayweather, he isn’t allowed to stand on it.

McGregor will not be allowed to use their services again because of “the level of disrespect” he had shown.