Cossy Orjiakor Narrates Her Experience With A Randy Reverend Father

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Nollywood bad girl, Cossy Orjiakor appears to be on an expository spree. Just some days after exposing a Yoruba actress, she is telling her story about a reverend father who wanted to have sex with her.

In her narrative, she had a friend in school whose uncle is a reverend father. They went visiting and she, Cossy couldn’t go to church because she didn’t have something covering to wear.

She was watching the activities going on in the compound from a window since the reverends live on the premises when she was grabbed from behind.

It happened to be one of the reverend fathers who wanted to sleep with her. Cossy says she was able to sweet talk her way out of it by promising to join him in his room.

The man went on to offer her money which she believes is the tithe or offering of some church member judging from the denominations. She said after telling her friend of the episode, her friend revealed the man had girlfriends and even kids.

Cossy concluded her narrative by saying all have sinned that includes pastors and reverend fathers. She says they need Deliverance too and people should continue praying for them.