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David Beckham Attends Movie Premiere Despite Backlash For His Acting Debut

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David Beckham might have been a Stat footballer during his active days but fans aren’t feeling him as an actor.

The award winning retired football star made his acting debut in his close friend Guy Ritchie‘s new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and fans shredded him to pieces.

David Beckham Attends Movie Premiere

Totally unbothered about the backlash however, David was spotted at the European Film Premiere in London’s Leicester Square.

The 42 year old looked dapper as always in an immaculately-fitting tweed suit, David teamed his look with a pair of tan loafers and crisp baby blue shirt. He even brought his eldest son, 18 year old Brooklyn with him.

David Beckham Attends Movie Premiere  David Beckham Attends Movie Premiere

It would be recalled that David faced similar backlash when some personal emails of his were leaked online by hackers.

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