David Luiz Hits John Terry In The Testicles During Training

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Chelsea captain, John Terry took a hit on his balls while he was training and his Brazilian team-mate, David Luiz decides to playfully give him a thump in the testicles.

David Luiz Hits John Terry

John Terry was seen in discomfort after the ball hit him but later saw the funny side of the joke as he shared it on his Instagram with fans.

He captioned it ‘When you get the ball clean in your [nut emoji] and your checking all is ok until… @davidluiz_4 does this.’

David Luiz Hits John Terry

It would be recalled that in November 2016, he was trolled by fans for posting a white and black snap of himself in a bathrobe.

Some of his followers decided to give him a dressing down for the black and white snap which has him wearing the white cotton garb that boasts his initials JT in big lettering across the left side of his chest.