Davido Talks About His Acting Debut in “John Zerebe”

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We have witnessed celebrities showing us the versatility of their talents when they move from being actors to musicians or vice versa and while sometimes the move is not well received by fans, we sure won’t shy away from talking about it.

We have known Davido for being a great talent when it comes to the world of music but he left us with our jaws dropping when we learnt that he has made an acting debut in the movie “John Zerebe” which is set to be premiered in some few weeks.

In a new interview, the “Fans Mi” hitmaker revealed that he won’t have considered acting the movie it the script had not been from his cousin.

Davido also confirmed that they blew up a car in the movie, guess you can afford to do that when you have omo baba olowo in your movie.

He however said he doesn’t think he would be acting anytime soon again which means he doesn’t think he has a career in Nollywood right?

Let him go and work on his album biko which by the way we heard has been postponed till next year for release.

Jointly produced by HKN and Viral Entertainment, the movie boasts of stars like Gloria Young, Ikey Ojeogwu, Kanfui Danku, Emma Blaq, Mimi Orjiekwe among others.