Davido’s Response To Fan Who Believes He Is 29

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We all know that celebrities sometimes lie about their age in a bid to appear younger to their fans. We can mention quite a few names who have been caught in the lying scandal in times past but make them no go talk say na we do amebo.

Anyways, Nigerian singer, Davido who has always made his age a public knowledge came under suspicion from a fan recently when the fan said the singer looked 29 and not the claimed 24.

Davido rather than get angry had an epic response however when he said he is thankful the fan can’t believe he has achieved so much success at such a tender age. He went on to say if his 24 looks like this, he wonders what 29 would be like for hi,

Just recently, Davido posed with some Chelsea stars and his EP, Son of Mercy with the lead single, Gbagbe Oshi has been enjoying massive airplay. This is the first body of work he released under international music label, Sony.