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Denim Trend: Bella Hadid Reminds Us Denim Is Here To Stay

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For many, the denim trend is out of date but when a supermodel like Bella Hadid decides to rock it, we remember how this trend is here to stay.

Bella Hadid

The 20 year old was recently spotted in London at the launch of her new Dior Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara and she looked fab in a denim ensemble.

The dark haired beauty wore a denim ensemble complete with a bustier top and cropped bottoms.

Bella Hadid  Bella Hadid

She had on a denim corset top tucked into cropped jeans which showed off her svelte figure while she added a splash of colour to her ensemble with a pair of red court shoes which had a satin finish.

If you don’t already have yourself a denim ensemble, here is a reason to get yourself one now!