Desmond Elliot Shares Lessons He Learnt From Big Brother Naija

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Big Brother Naija reality show is one that has been controversial with many critics saying that there is nothing concrete to be learnt from the show.

Nollywood actor and Lagos state politician, Desmond Elliot has however shared the lessons he learnt from the show following the grand finale which held yesterday.

According to him he learnt that we are all different in thoughts, actions and behavior but unique in many ways.

Another lesson for him is that if we put in half as much interest and energy that we did into the show into those we elect into public offices, Naija would be a much better place being governed by our people of choice.

Big Brother Naija

For the third lesson, he says Nigerians are not as illiterate as we portray ourselves to be because many flew out of Nigeria to South Africa to see Efe get crowned winner.

He concluded by saying that he also learnt it pays to always be one self at all times and never let people turn one into who one is not.

Desmond Elliot is one of the many celebrities that endorsed the show and he was there at the grand finale as well. What lessons did you learn?