DJ Spade Calls Layla Lace A Liar Over Drake Pregnancy Drama

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Recall we reported yesterday that an instagram model, Layla Lace alleged that Canadian rapper, Drake knocked her up. In her ran, she alleged that one of his cronies, DJ Spade arranged the hookup.

In a reply to her rant however, DJ Spade is calling Layla a Liar and saying that she is doing it all for money.

DJ Spade released an alleged conversation between him and Layla in which she admits she’s been scamming the public with her allegations that she’s having Drake’s baby.

The conversation has Layla admitting that the attention and publicity will make her some money even if Drake doesn’t want her. She even allegedly claims that she doesn’t care if people hate her as long as she makes the money she is after.

In our earlier report, we told you of how Layla claimed Drake stopped responding to her messages after he learnt she is pregnant.

According to her, DJ Spade made arrangements for her to meet with Drake in London after he saw her pictures on Instagram two months ago. We wonder who is lying and we guess only time can tell of she is really carrying Drake’s baby.