Don Jazzy Teases Rihanna About Her New Waist Length Dreadlocks Hairdo

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Nigerian music producer and should we call him a comedian as well, Don Jazzy is one of many other celebrities that have not hidden their undying crush for international bad girl, Rihanna.

A look through Don Jazzy’s instagram page will convince you that he truly has something for the Barbadian beauty so it came as no surprise that after Rihanna debuted her new waist length drealcoks, Don Jazzy decided to tease her.

Posting a photo of the eight times Grammy award winning songstress, Don Jazzy captioned her as agbalumo as an endearment to show his love for her new look.

We all know that Rihanna can never go wrong with her fashion statements but Don Jazzy doesn’t need us to point that out to him. She is forever bae to him.

It’s just a pity that Riri is currently dating Canadian rapper, Drake although there are rumours that Dreezy is cheating on her with an instagram model. Maybe if these rumours are true, Don Jazzy has a shot at her?