Drake Asks Prosecutors To Drop Case Against Woman Who Broke Into His Home

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Earlier this week, we reported a break in at Canadian rapper, Drake‘s home. What makes the case interesting is that the burglar, a woman only stole soda and water worth $10.

It appears Drake doesn’t think it’s that much of a big deal as we have learned he has told authorities to drop a felony burglary case against the Pennsylvania woman for breaking into his house

Sources close to the Grammy award winning rapper disclose that Drake’s lawyer has contacted the L.A. County D.A. and made it clear the rapper will not cooperate in any prosecution of the lady who somehow got into his Hidden Hills mansion.

Drake believes she has mental issues and that it would be cruel to make her a felon and send her to prison. Since Drake is not willing to cooperate, it means the D.A has no case against her.

It would be recalled that earlier this week, an Instagram model, Layla Lace also accused Drake of abandoning her after he learnt she is pregnant for him.

Drake’s pal, DJ Spade whom Layla identified as introducing them is however saying she is accusing Drake to get attention and money.