Drake Is The Latest Victim Of Burglary

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We have been reporting a number of celebrity home break ins and it appears that Hotline Bling hit maker, Drake is the latest victim.

The Grammy award winning rapper had his home burglarized when a 24 year old woman was found in one of the bedrooms of his house by a member of Drake’s crew.

What makes this burglary interesting is that the criminal’s booty totaled around $10 in water and soda. The burglar was also wearing one of Drake’s hoodies and cops were called.

Although she said she had permission to enter, it was confirmed that she didn’t. She later confessed to having stolen Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water.

While it is not yet clear how she was able to get into the house, we can confirm that Drake wasn’t home at the time of the incident. She is considered a felon no matter the meagre amount of the things taken because she was there illegally.

It would be recalled that Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift ate some of the celebs who have had issues with break ins recently.