Drake’s House Sale Turns Out To Be Fake

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Yesterday, January 30, 2017 many news outlet reported that Grammy award winning rapper, Drake had put up his Hidden Hills property for $19,999,900. It turns out that news is fake as it was simply an impostor who pretended to be his manager that put the rapper’s estate for sale.

Drake’s home which has many similarities with the Playboy Mansion has a theater, game room, spa/massage room, many more other luxuries of life but when a real estate agent noticed the posting and reached out to Drake’s manager to see if he could rep the property, it turned out to be a scam.


So just in case you are planning on getting your hands on Drake’s home, think twice before you drop your hard earned cash or you might just be the victim of a fraudster.

There has also been talks in the media that Drake who has 8 nominations at 2017 Grammy awards won’t be attending as he would be on tour in Europe. The likes of Kanye West with 8 nominations as well and Justin Bieber are also reported to be boycotting the prestigious ceremony because they think it is irrelevant.