Fans Come For Julius Agwu Wife For Not Smiling In Family Photo

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We know that many people follow Nigerian celebrities toe to toe and criticize their every move. Comedian Julius Agwu wife, Ibiere Agwu shared a family photo in which she wasn’t smiling and the fans have something to say.

Many began dropping comments on her Instagram page asking if she is not happy. Some even wondered why she is not laughing since her husband is a comedian.

They asked her to try and crack a smile next time she is posing for a photo and many other such comments that would leave you wondering.

Ibiere however had a comeback for them all when she said that she simply posed for a photo and doesn’t have to smile at everything.

As to allegations that she is not happy, she asked her fans to always have a positive mind because she doesn’t have to always be smiling to be happy.

It would be recalled that Julius Agwu underwent brain tumour surgery and has been thankful and full of praises since returning to Nigeria. He also thanked his wife for being his rock and standing by him during the difficult time.