Fans Compare Uche Ogbodo New Look To Bobrisky’s Look

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Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo is currently facing backlash after she stared new photos of herself rocking short hair.

It appeared her fans and many Nigerians were not feeling the look however as they began trolling her with some even going as far as saying that she looks like Nigerian male crossdresser, Bobrisky.

In one of the photos she shared, she fired back at her detractors saying that she is an amazon who has been carefully carved by God.

She also said she is able to shape shift through makeup and it allows her to be different people at different times and this is how she knows her talent as an actress is from God.

You concluded by asking people not to envy her. Are you feeling Uche’s new look or do you agree with those saying that she looks like Bobrisky? People can like to troll though.

Just recently, veteran Nigerian actress, Rita Edochie was trolled as being fat by an Instagram user and Uche Ogbodo had to come to the rescue.