Finally! Nicki Minaj Releases Diss Track Response To Remy Ma

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Remy Ma has been winning the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj after releasing two tracks, Sheather and, Another One in which she tore into Nicki.

Nicki has been silent to the diss tracks and we all thought that the silent treatment was Nicki’s way of responding.

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Well you shouldn’t diss Nicki and expect not to get a response because the diss track we have all been waiting for is finally here.

Nicki has teamed up with her Young Money label mates, Lil Wayne and Drake to slam Remy Ma in the song titled, No Frauds.

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In the song, Nicki denies Remy Ma’s allegations and also has some of her own responses to give back.

We are waiting to see how Remy Ma would respond to this considering she has said she won’t be releasing any diss track again.

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According to Remy Ma, she has said all she has to say and Nicki should know better by now than to mess with her.

We love us some rap battles, you can listen to Nicki’s response and judge who is in the lead now.

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