Finally! Tyga Pays Off A Major Debt

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We are so used to having rapper Tyga get slammed with debt bills than we are used to having him churn out hit songs that it is easy to forget sometimes that he is an artiste.

The 27 year old has reason to smile however as he has just been able to pay off a major debt. Recall Tyga is used to lavishing expensive gifts on his 19 year old girlfriend, Kylie Jenner?

We reported one of his debtors, celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills was going to make Kylie reveal her financial info as part of Tyga’s debtor exam but now that Tyga has dropped $100k which is the full balance he owes, Kylie doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

The best part of it is that he used his own money to settle the debt and not Kylie’s as widely reported.

This means that Kylie not only gets to keep her expensive gifts from her beau but she doesn’t have to worry about her financial info being revealed.

Tyga however is not totally out of debt yet as another lawsuit was slammed against him on his birthday for money owed.