I Go Dye Defends AY Over TBoss & Kemen Joke Controversy

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Nigerian comedian I Go Dye has taken to defending his colleague, AY over the recent backlash he received for what many tagged a distasteful joke concerning sexual assault.

The sexual assault case involves, TBoss and Kemen which many felt was inappropriate and promoting the rape culture. According to I Go Dye, the effect of any joke is to evoke laughter which is a practice embraced worldwide.

He went on to say that the idea of comedy is to create humour out of tragedy while alluding that the problem of Nigerians is that we act like saints in the eyes of those who still pretend to be saints.

He added that he is no saint and the only saints he knows is St. Moritz who can still get the joke on BBNaija Housemates by AY. He concluded by saying people were making a big deal out of nothing.

It would be recalled that earlier today, AY himself apologized to TBoss, her fans and the entire country as a whole concerning the matter. We wonder why I Go Dye is bringing up a matter everyone is trying to put behind again.