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Granit Xhaka Faces Questioning By Police For Racial Abuse

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Arsenal football star, Granit Xhaka is currently under questioning after he was alleged to have called a Heathrow Airport worker some insensitive racial slurs.

The midfielder had a misunderstanding with the British Airways staff member when he used the racial slurs prompting a third party to call the cops.

Unbothered by the incident, Xhaka posted pictures to Instagram of himself and a friend looking at sites around London and he is claiming that he is innocent of the allegation. The police confirmed that he attended to them willingly and no arrest was made.

Xhaka who Arsenal acquired for £32million has had some bad encounters on the pitch as well after he lost control of his game and tackled Burnley at the Emirates causing him to get a red card.

This makes it the second red card of the season and fifth since the start of last term and he might be facing a long suspension.