Gun Case Charges Against Chris Brown Thrown Out

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Singer Chris Brown just won a gun case against him at least that is what law enforcement sources are claiming. It would be recalled that beauty queen, Baylee Curran claimed Chris pulled a gun on her during a party in his home sometime in August.

This led to the Grammy award winning singer getting booked and arrested but the D.A is claiming that the evidence against him is so weak that it cannot stand in court.

Although Chris Brown threw a duffel bag out of the window when cops showed up and two guns were found inside, sources claim that the case against him is not strong enough because all they have is an alleged victim who hedges on drug and alcohol consumption during the said party.

Not only that, the same person went on media rounds after the incident. Therefore it is a closed case. Chris should thank his stars for narrowly escaping this one, he has had enough legal troubles as it is.