Halima Abubakar Gives Back By Giving Scholarships To Less Privileged Children

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Controversial Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar is set to receive positive commendations from fans and some foes alike after she announced her scholarship initiative scheme for children from less privilege family.

The actress who more often than not is always under blast for one thing or the other has launched her NGO known as ‘Halima Abubakar Foundation’.

The NGO has already visited twenty two schools and will be dedicated to providing children from less privileged families scholarships. She took to Instagram to make the announcement and the reason behind the move.

She said at its most basic level, education is important because it gives people the baseline skills to survive as adults in the world. These skills include basic literacy and numeracy, as well as the ability to communicate, complete tasks and work with.

It would be recalled that Halima recently left Instagram only to return some few weeks later to criticism. In an interview however, she revealed she left because of personal reasons and her return is nobody’s business.