Harry Styles References Taylor Swift In Debut Solo Album

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Taylor Swift is famous for writing songs about her exes following a breakup and we know her hit song, Style is about her singer ex, Harry Styles.

Now that Harry Styles is no longer a member of boy band, One Direction but a solo artist, fans gave been wondering if he will give Taylor a reply in his debut album.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

The first song from his forthcoming album, “Ever Since New York” had many fans wondering if he was singing about Taylor considering he spent a great deal of time there with her.

However, following his performance of the song, there was no reference to Tay. The second single off the album however, Two Ghosts is the song everyone has been longing for because it talks about Taylor indirectly.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

He gives answers to some of Taylor’s lyrics from Style and not only that, since their breakup, they have become strangers hence making his title of the song appropriate.

Harry Styles’ Behind the Album special will air on Apple Music May 15. Harry’s album drops on May 12 and we wonder if there would be more songs about Tay on it.

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