Has Ice Prince And Girlfriend Split?

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There are indications that sensational Nigerian rapper Ice Prince and his girlfriend Maima may no longer be together.

Although neither of the two have made any public declaration to ascertain this, we have some signs that are pointing at the possibility of them having gone their separate ways.

Maima recently shared snaps of herself grinding hard against another man at a nightclub. From the video she shared, she doesn’t look like she cares what Ice Prince might feel seeing the video as she enjoys herself.

Maima recently shared snaps of herself

Not only does this video see her having fun with another man but the two have also been silent about each other for a while now making us suspect that something is up. It would be recalled that January last year, some photos of Maima and a man called Akin emerged on social media.

Amebo people said she was cheating on Ice Prince with Akin but in a surprising twist of things, Ice Prince defended his girlfriend and said he knows she is faithful to him despite the photos that suggest otherwise causing many fans to lash out at him for being a weakling.

Is this just another one of such episodes?