Ice Prince Is The Proud Owner Of New Home

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Chocolate City rapper and vice president, Ice Prince has been in the news a lot lately for all the wrong reasons especially with having to do with his love life.

The rapper faced criticism and a love story scandal when his girlfriend Maima was accused of cheating on him but despite all the criticism and bashing, he stood by her and defended her.

Now getting away from all that drama, Ice Prince has taken to social media to make the announcement that he he just got a new home or at least that is what we would like to believe. In his post, he wrote something about his new home getting him to overwork himself.

Usually, one does not know what is really going on in Ice Prince’s life so his informing us about his new home might just be his way of telling us about it.

It would be recalled that following his girlfriend cheating scandal, Chocolate City boss M.I also came out to say that his respect for Ice Prince just went up with the way he defended his girlfriend in a situation where many people would have been quick to jump to conclusions.