Jahbless Shares Words Of Wisdom For Music Acts And Producers

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We all know that we talk very much about how we miss the days of Don Jazzy and D’Banj when together the duo were able to produce chart topping songs that has us grooving all day long.

Nigerian singer, Jahbless has put into writing the importance of the working relationship between a musician and the producer they decide to work with.

According to him, artistes need to be careful in choosing their producers so that their song doesn’t end up sounding like the producer because the song is really about the artiste own style.

He gave examples of some musicians who have been able to find the perfect match in terms of the producer that best works for them and is why they are able to release good songs.

His words of advice to people is that they should first make sure that they are comfortable with their producer and the producer should be someone they can talk and argue with.

They should consider their personalities and the potential of releasing a hit together before jumping to work on a song together as money is not necessarily what gives a good result.

He concluded by saying that they should choose someone who has similar spirit and choose wisely.