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Jailed Bruno Fernandes Causes Uproar For Playing Football Again After Murdering And Feeding Ex-girlfriend To Dogs

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Brazilian football player, Bruno Fernandes has caused an uproar with his return to football following his release from prison. The 6ft 3ins goalkeeper was jailed for 22 years after he ordered his girlfriend’s murder but was released on from prison Apac de Santa Luzia in Brazil on February 24.

His new two-year contract with second tier team Boa Esporte has now caused uproar. While training for the team, women took to protesting his return to football after serving just seven years in jail.

women protest outside the ground

He was the main suspect in the murder of his former girlfriend Eliza Samudio, who he met at a footballers’ party in 2009, and with whom he had a son. He allegedly killed her because he didn’t want to pay child support and had her body Fed to his dogs.

He planned her abduction and murder with eight others, including his wife Dayane, another ex-lover, a younger cousin and a former policeman turned hitman Luiz Santos.

Bruno Fernandes   Bruno Fernandes

The goalkeeper demanded she have an abortion but she went ahead with the pregnancy, instead insisting that he assume paternity of the child.

Before her disappearance on June 4, 2010, Ms Samudio had approached police claiming she had been held captive by Bruno and his associates, who forced her to take an illegal abortion drug.