Jay Z And Beyonce Speak Out On The Recent Killing Of Black People In A Powerful Way

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The Black Lives Matter movement is really gaining momentum following the recent killings of two black men in different encounters within the space of forty-eight hours.

Power couple, Jay Z and Beyonce have joined millions of others to lend their voice to speak out against the senseless killings and call for action in their own ways.

Queen Bey paused her Formation World Tour concert in Glasgow, Scotland to pay her tribute to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Beyonce didn’t however just stop there as she also display on screen the many names of those that have been killed by the police as part of her tribute.

In a move that is equally just as touching, her husband, music mogul and rapper Jay Z has released a new track called “Spiritual,” which is speaking about the killing of Black people. Jay revealed that he recorded the track a year ago following the killing of Michale Brown.

He also went on to reveal that he is saddened and disappointed by the killings and that he knows everything happens for our greatest good while also expressing his sympathy to all those who have lost families to police brutality.

This is the first bit of music since Jay’s 2013 hit album Magna Carta….Holy Grail.