Jay Z Trying To Buy All Of Prince’s Unreleased Music

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The world is not yet totally over the death of late music icon Prince but already plans are being made to sell off his unreleased music.

We learn that none other than music mogul himself, Jay Z seems to be interested in buying all of the Purple Rain hitmaker’s unreleased music that was unearthed at Paisley Park after the singer’s death … TMZ has learned.

According to the reports, Jay has met with Prince’s sister, Tyka and her husband Maurice Phillips several weeks ago and he is offering around $40 million for the songs but so far Jay’s camp has kept mum about the deal.

While Tyka may be Prince’s only full sibling, she still has to get sign-off from all the brothers and sisters in addition to the trust that is managing the estate and this could mean that Jay would have to cough up more dough than he is currently offering.

We wait to see whether these reports are true or not.