Jennifer Lopez Admits Having A Sex Tape

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Sex tapes suddenly seems cool since the era of Kim Kardashian after the reality TV star saw her career skyrocket following her leaked sex tape with rapper, Ray J. The latest celebrity to hint that she might have a sex tape is none other than Jenifer Lopez.

The singer and actress stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ and when she was asked if she has ever videotaped herself having sex, she simply blushed.

Although this does not directly mean there is a sex tape out there, the fact that the 47 year old revealed that it depends on her mood reveals that she has done it before.

Although to her credit, she did shut down the idea of threesomes by saying hell no. another sex habit, JLo let us in on is that she has to have lights during sex because she likes to see while saying she finds role playing stupid.

Jennifer Lopez it would be recalled finally revealed her relationship status with Canadian rapper, Drake by saying that they are not together but we do know she is allegedly seeing Alex Rodriguez who is a former Yankees slugger.