John Mayer Throwing Shades At Taylor Swift?

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Taylor Swift might be the Queen of shades when it comes to writing breakup songs but it appears her ex, John Mayer decided to rake a swipe at her on and it happened to be on her birthday.

December 13 happens to be Taylor Swift‘s birthday and her guitarist ex boyfriend tweeted that December 13 has to be the lamest day of the year. Of course he deletes the tweet shortly after but that is not after some screenshots of the post had been taken.

The pair dated between November 2009 and February 2010 and following their breakup, Taylor went ahead to write the song, Dear John which is one of her hit songs.

It appears she is getting back some of the bad blood she threw his way following that breakup. Taylor has gone one to date DJ Calvin Harris and actor, Tom Hiddleston and some other top celebrities since dating John Mayer.